Saturday, December 31, 2005


I just wanted to jot down a few memories about my Grandpa.
*Going to the BYU basketball games with him, having him not say a word the entire time, but standing up and singing out very loudly the BYU fight song, and sharing M&M's during the game
*Him having to take us around clothes shopping to several different malls and stores for hours on end to find just the perfect outfits, he would sit down to wait for us at the perfume counters or on a couch next to the dressing rooms, he would always be asleep when we would get back and smell like a mixture of different perfumes that he had tested
*Him singing "Who is knocking at my door?" in the different voices
*He really loved my kids and got so excited when they would come to see him
*Wandering Son

The thing that I admire most about my grandpa is how he was 100% devoted, committed, and in love with my grandma. They did EVERYTHING together. They always worked together and were a great team.

Another thing that I really admire about him was what a hard worker he is. He worked so hard his whole life, even after it was too dangerous for him to. He still tried to weed his garden or shovel the walks, etc.

His whole life was filled with working so that he could give to others, most specifically his family. My life has been filled with many vacations, dinners, shopping trips, traditions, and good memories thanks to him.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Testing, testing, 1,2,3

Today I realized that I really love the Chicken Dance. Ya know, the one that goes, "Na Na Na Na Na Na Na", etc. while you chirp your hands, wag your arms, shake your tail, and clap. No matter how old I get or what kind of a mood I'm in, when I hear that music come on, there's nothing else to do but get up and dance.
Here are the things that I like about it:
1) Catchy tune (and you don't have to be a good singer to sing it)
2) Dance moves anyone from 1 to 100 could do and still look good
3) Brings back old memories
4) It just makes you feel happy doing it (and watching others do it)