Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lesson Learned

 I don't think Britton will be riding without a helmet anymore.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Last Week of May

 We bought our first investment property.  It's a cute little house just a few blocks from our house.  We have had our eye on it for some time and made our first offer quite a while ago, but it was quite a long process to closing.  But, it all worked out for the best and we got the keys the 23rd of May.  It needed quite a bit of work, but we really wanted to get it all done and renters in by June 1st, if possible.  Jason was really busy with work and I am useless on most remodeling jobs since I'm so pregnant, but amazingly, we got it all done!  My mom and Jason spent every extra second that they could over there getting it ready.  I did most of the cleaning and the things that I could do while the kids were at school plus dealing with showing it and all the tenant applications/choosing tenants.  It was a long, tiring week, but we are so glad that we got it all done.  We would all go home tired and sore every night and then wake up early the next morning and do it all again.  I'm glad our hard work paid off and we were able to get renters so quickly.  What a blessing.

Here are a few pictures.  I love the big back yard although it needs quite a lot of tender, loving care.  

Monday, June 06, 2011

School's Out! School's Out!

Yippee!  School's finally out! 

Actually, we couldn't wait for school to be out and we decided to head down to St. George last Thursday.  So, the kids missed their last day.  (actually their last hour and a half since that's all they had on Friday)  We left right after school Thursday and drove straight to Tuacahn Theater where we got to see our nephew, Payton, in The Little Mermaid.  He is Flounder.  The play was AMAZING!  All the choreography, costumes, and visual/technical effects were really phenomenal.  I loved how they made it seem like they were under the sea and swimming.  And all the actors were great.  If anyone gets the chance to go down there, definitely go see it--it's worth it and fun for the whole family. 
We played in St. George on Friday and then came back Saturday for our other nephew, Hayden's baptism.  It was such a fun weekend seeing so much family. 
Then we headed up to our cabin to kick off our summer with just our family.  We always have so much fun up there.  Britton, Haley, and I spent most of Sunday writing a play together to perform for Jason.  We were being so silly and having so much fun.  Britton and I laughed so hard we were crying and we couldn't stop.  I may or may not have lost control of my bladder.  :)  It was the best.  Haley even said it was probably the best day of her life.  I love that.  I love making memories with my kids, even when it's just something simple.  We made fires, roasted things, sang silly songs, went on a few hikes, played games, and just enjoyed each other. 
I love summer!