Friday, November 27, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Reading Time

For Britton's daily reading time, lately he has chosen to read the Old Testament. The other day he asked me for a scripture marker so he could mark the parts he likes. I gave him one, but I just assumed he would randomly mark things for fun. But, I was glancing through his scriptures and read some of the parts he marked and could tell that he really was giving it thought and marking things that spoke to him. My favorite part that I saw was that he marked just the phrase, "he made the stars also" from where God was creating the earth and heavens. It just made me smile that Britton decided to mark that part because he has always loved the stars and anything to do with space. I could just feel his gratitude that God has made stars for us to enjoy.


This morning, Haley came into my room right next to my bed and said, "I know it's still night time, but I want to watch the sunrise with you."

And even though I'm really sleep deprived and this is the only day I can sleep in, I just could not resist that little girl.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Haley was a Butterfly Princess for Halloween.

Britton chose not to dress up at all (how is he MY kid?). He didn't want to dress up for the ward party, for school, and he didn't want to go trick or treating at all. He wanted to hand out the candy and tally up how many "customers" we got. Too funny. And so him.

This might have been the cheapest Halloween in history since Haley already had a princess dress and we just bought a few butterfly accessories. Nice. And easy.

But, we had a great time.

Exchange Student

About a month ago, we had an exchange student from Japan come to stay with us for a week. His name was Shinichi and he is 15. It was a lot of fun for my family. We did a lot of fun things, bowling, went to the cabin, BYU football game, temple square, went to the movies, and then there was a big dinner for all the students the night before they left. We packed a lot in since he was gone to school things all day and we only had him in the evenings. Here are a few bowling pics. It was his first time and he definitely was a natural. He beat all of us by quite a lot.

Good form!