Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Here is a quote from a book I just recently read:

"But as of today, I have to admit it: I have a crush on science.

Can you love a thought? Can you love a concept?

Not to be too dramatic, but when Ms. Shepherd explained that about the flu shot and about us all being freaks of nature, it was like something reached inside of my chest and yanked on my soul. Like somebody opened up my head and shouted down into my brain, "Do you get it? Mena, are you you listening?"

It's just that it all makes sense. In the same way that God makes sense to me sometimes and I really think I can feel Him. I can see the order to things, His purpose behind them. I wish I felt that way more often--about God, I mean--but whenever I do, it's like someone has pumped up my heart with helium, and I can barely keep from floating off into space."
Evolution, Me, & Other Freaks of Nature Brande, Robin

I just loved this passage. Maybe because I have a crush on science too. And there are thoughts and concepts that I just love, that click inside my heart and mind, that speak to my soul. In the same way that God does. It just made me think of the brief moments in my life where everything in the universe seems to make sense. I love those moments.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last day of summer vacation.
Wow, that snuck up on me.
I thought I'd be ready for the kids to go back to school,
but I'm not.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lake Powell

Lake Powell was so much fun! We went down with most of Jason's family. The kids LOVE playing in the sand and water. Britton tried many things for the first time: waverunning, four wheeling, tubing behind the boat, cliff jumping. He had a blast. Haley also did waverunning and learned how to float with a life jacket. She was a bit more timid, but by the end she was more comfortable with everything and she's already talking about the next time we go and everything she's going to do. I hope this becomes an annual tradition for our family.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pioneer Day Weekend

I started a new tradition this year with the kiddos. We are going to spend Pioneer Day up at the cabin every year. We did all the traditional pioneer things like cooked over a fire, didn't change our clothes for several days, and walked and walked and walked and walked.

I had been wanting to go up to the cabin for longer than an over night stay and this was finally my chance. The kids and I were there all day Thursday, Friday, and most of Saturday. Friday afternoon, Jason's parents brought up Hayden, Corbin, and Landon and they stayed for dinner. It was perfect timing because it was right about that time that they were starting to get a bit antsy for entertainment other than me. Jason came up a few hours after them and then right as they were leaving, the Kammerman's, sans Patricia and baby twins, arrived.

It was so much fun just being up there away from all the distractions of home. My kids are so at home in the mountains. I love watching them play together. And it's much easier for me to focus on them when I am away from the distractions of home too.

The cabin

In the (soon-to-be) fort



Haley playing cowboy

Dinner--gourmet mac n cheese cooked over the fire (everything tastes better cooked over the fire)

On our Friday morning hike, notice the cute Y necklaces that Britton designed and made

Being goofy

Our hemp necklace making supplies. I'm pretty sure that making hemp necklaces was a favorite hobby of the pioneers.

The Kammerman crew


One thing that I don't want to forget about this trip. At one point when it was just the three of us, Haley grabbed a stick and started pretending like it was a microphone. She said that she was Britton's sister and that she loved him very much. Anyway, right after that, Britton grabbed the stick microphone and said, "Did everyone hear that? That's my sister Haley. She is so sweet. Life just wouldn't be the same without her." It was just the cutest thing I've ever heard. I love my kids so much.

Monday, August 03, 2009

31 Flavors

Last week I realized that Haley had never been to Baskin Robbins. What? We quickly remedied that even though she was already in her pajamas and ready for bed.