Thursday, May 17, 2012

Right now

I can't sleep tonight.

Things I want to remember about today:
Piano with Britton-how much he loves it and how easily it comes to him, he starts lessons in a couple of weeks and his teacher gave him a book to look over and get started with if he wants, he is just devouring it

Going to the park with the kids-it's the second time we've been this week, Monday we went and saw a duck sitting on her eggs so we just had to go back to check on her, she is still there waiting patiently, saw another duck with newly hatched ducklings, my kids all light up while watching them, found the best climbing tree and secret tree clubhouse, decided we need to go back at least every other day

Practicing piano with Haley-seeing how hard she works through her frustration, it doesn't always come easy for her, but she is maturing and growing so much and she is not giving up

Life is good, but I miss Jason like crazy. He has had to be gone for work most of this month. He'll have to stay in North Dakota longer than we planned. Boo!