Monday, April 10, 2006

Haley--The Chocolate Genius

To go along with the messy eater post, I decided to show a few recent pictures as examples. I was making brownies and Haley decided to help lick the bowl. I guess most kids would make a mess doing this, but if you look closely, you'll see she even managed to get it on her side and back. Now, that's true talent. And this was right after she got out of the bath. Why do I even bother with baths? No wonder she takes about 3 a day. Britton came in and saw her and said, "she's a chocolate genius!" because of the mustache. And then, of course, he joined in.

Conference Weekend

For Conference Weekend, we decided it would be fun to spend the weekend at the cabin. It was still pretty snowy, so we had to hike in the last little bit again, but once we were there, it was definitely worth it. We had a fun time sledding, watching conference, playing games, doing puzzles, and just relaxing. I'm so glad that we went. I thought it would be harder to watch conference up there, but actually we were able to watch more of it with fewer distractions because our kids are so content to just be there. We carved out a small sled run on the hill, but my kids are still too young to appreciate sledding, I think. They just don't like to be cold. It sounds fun to them, but once they've been out there about 5 minutes, they're done. So, Jason took them in and they all watched me out the window. They would open the window and cheer after each time I went down. It was nice to have some fans. I think we'll try to make it a tradition for every conference weekend.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


They broke ground a couple of days ago for an IKEA in Draper. I can't wait!